Sprite . La verdad refresca

This project was a huge tech challenge. We were responsible for all Concept and 3D production to create a metropolitan neighborhood for Sprite. Initially, it was supposed to be a 2880×1620 pixels looping video, sliced in more than 350 pieces to make it work like a GoogleMaps environment inside flash, loading on-demand content depending on the Zooming level where you are. It ended up being a gigantic image, very different from the look-and-feel we had as a starting point. It’s crazy to look back and see the entire process we’ve been through and how much we have learned along the way.

DATE: 11.Jun.2013



This project presented us with a huge technical challenge! We did all the Concept and 3D work to create a metropolitan neighborhood for Sprite with a Sim City look-and-feel.


Client: Agência Casa

Creative Producer: Danilo Almeida (Gabba)

Production Managers: Natasja Berzoini (Gabba), Thais Semer (Agência Casa)

2D and 3D Art Direction: Danilo Almeida

2D Concepting: Felix Reiners (Gabba)

3D modeling, texture and lighting: Rodrigo Henrique (Gabba)

Tags: 3D

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